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Sfinx partners with SMAC in Tuscany and sponsors scholarships for two architecture graduates

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

SFINX Publishing partners with SMAC, and has offered the opportunity to invite two architecture graduates, free of charge, Ask Holmen from Oslo and Luca Sandrini from Brescia.

Words from SMAC: But what binds a reality of technological training to a publishing house that has concentrated its contents on the narration of minorities and social commitment?

First of all, the social commitment by SFINX simply aims at telling, without judging, stories of minorities and human rights.

Together with SMAC they wish to revitalize a local professional and cultural fabric through the sharing of skills and knowledge.

The other element that unites these two creative companies is to have chosen their headquarters in small local Italian areas: SFINX in Cardoso di Gallicano, SMAC in Coreglia Antelminelli: Together; a small international publishing reality and a specialized professional training school, aiming for an area set aside by the centralization of economic activities in the cities and which has made it more difficult to live in small towns.

During the pandemic period there was a lot of talk about rethinking professions and lifestyles, distributing cultural and economic activities on the territory rather than concentrating them only in the cities, without doing much structuring.

SMAC and SFINX are united by the desire to revitalize the Italian territory from within, precisely from those areas where there is still a simpler and more genuine relationship between man and nature, and which are proving to be ready to welcome quality and excellence initiatives. Learn more about WASTE and design:

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