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For many years we have followed with interest the many tragic cases of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) around the world. Because of the often complex disbelief over the systemic failure to recognize the horrific abuse perpetrated by MSBP carers, we want this to become one of our next long-term book projects.

We are therefore seeking young people, teenagers and adult survivors, doctors, mental health professionals, nurses, lawyers, policemen and spouses who are interested in sharing their stories, in the hope that they can pave the way for others, and educate the general public.
We are in particular looking for individuals, from any country, who have survived growing up with a MSBP carer, and who either currently live with such a carer or who have managed to get away.

Our research, after talking with many psychologists and psychiatrists, have taught us of the very difficult and brave work in getting the children to safety as early in their lives as possible, the struggle to educate doctors, teachers, child protective services, convincing lawyers and judges. We have learned that carers, and mostly mothers, manage to convince professionals to do surgery and other very harmful treatment on perfectly healthy children.
Hope to hear from you.

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